To The Stars Academy Launch


Re: To The Stars / Tom DeLonge press conference / UFO Disclosure.

In “UFOs: Reframing The Debate” I wrote,

“UFO Disclosure is a bit like attempting a prison break by asking the prison guards for the keys.”

And so to today.

To The Stars Academy of “Storytelling” and “Entertainment” (their words, not mine) is a bit like the prison guards turning around and saying “OK, let’s see if you can find the keys?”

Amongst the predictable national security chest-beating and military-industrial PR there were some seemingly significant statements. Semi-official confirmation that the UFO issue is real in some way? The hint/mis-speak that operational remote viewing (psychic spying) is still used by the military today? (The official story has been that it was discontinued decades ago). Cough.

So, should we find the keys  – using our own money, of course – which door will they even open? Will we finally make good on our escape from the UFO mythological zone? Or, subtly guided and coaxed along by the prison guards themselves, will we simply be lead farther down the fractured hall of mirrors?

“Disclosure is the new name for the cover-up.” – anon.


Lorin Cutts



More info about the To The Stars Academy launch can be read here: