The UFO Mythological Zone

The headline read:

Breaking News: UFO “Hangar Door opens on top of Mount Adams.

 See the original story here:

 “You can see the little garage door, you can see the driveway,” – Jimmy Church


Mount Adams “Hangar Door” from 14 miles away (about half a mile in front of ECETI Ranch) facing North, 10x zoom on iPhone 7. Taken Friday July 14th 2017. 14.40 hours. (photo: Lorin Cutts)
Same “Hangar Door” from 7.4 miles and from the West (Forest Road NF23) at 10x zoom on iPhone 7. Taken Friday July 14th 2017. 1530 hours. (photo: Lorin Cutts)
I talked once again to the mountain rangers to confirm “there are no caves on Mount Adams”. (However, there are in the forests surrounding the mountain). As can be seen clearly in the second photograph, what is a UFO Hangar Door to the uninitiated is almost certainly nothing more than SHADOWS and snow melt. There may be an old lava tube visible at most. I was going to write up a full article but I think I already covered this in the book UFOs – Reframing The Debate a couple of months ago in which I explain something I call the UFO Mythological Zone. Ironically, I used ECETI Ranch and Mount Adams as a prime example of this.


I define the UFO Mythological Zone as the gap between:


  • fact and belief
  • what we see and what we want to see
  • what we experience and how we interpret it


“Many people are highly malleable and susceptible to new ideas and beliefs within the UFO mythological zone. Charlatans, fraudsters, and hucksters are free to roam and operate at will. Their contribution to the UFO subject should never be underestimated, for the conditions for successful deception are near perfect. Common sense, lateral thinking and balanced questioning are far superseded and outweighed by irrational belief. Contagion of ideas is rife.”
I continue later in the essay…


“Maybe the answer lies in the fact that the phenomenon here in Yakima appears to work on a subtle level. In a culture that screams for a landing on the White House lawn, or that leads people to feel the need to embellish and make this even more cosmic and mysterious than it already is – we are probably at odds with whatever this is”.


I really do not see how the UFO subject can move forward in any meaningful way unless we start making a clear distinction between what is entertainment sector (ufotainment) and what are genuine attempts at phenomenology. As of today the video has over 187,000 views… and I would suggest that’s the entire point in the creation of such sensationalistic headlines.


Lorin Cutts