HS 1.11 – Hidden Experience with Mike Clelland – Synchronicity & UFOs

Mike interviews Lorin about his own experiences regarding UFOs and synchronicities and they also talk about some of Mike's own experiences that seem to parallel Lorin's quite nicely. It's a good chat - less interview and more casual banter - and they possibly go deeper and further than most interviews on the UFO subject... encompassing synchronicity, symbology (including Mike's beloved owls), the possible nature of reality and even consciousness itself. Music: Intro - Lorin Cutts - Topanga (demo) Mahunda feat. Lone Pigeon - Waterfall Outro - Lorin Cutts and Peter Bradbury - Beat Culture (courtesy of Audio Network)   Read More

HS 1.10 – Timothy Good & Eve Lorgen – Earth: An Alien Enterprise?

Best selling British author, Timothy Good, talking about his forthcoming book (previous best sellers include 'Above Top Secret', 'Alien Base', 'Alien Liaison' etc.), authoress Eve Lorgen ('The Alien Love Bite', 'The Dark Side Of Cupid'), and we finished the year as we started with another chat with lifetime experiencer, Suzanne Chancellor, and Lorin's life-long best friend, Jenna. Featuring music by Jont.   Read More

HS 1.9 – Ann Druffel Interview – Parapsychology and UFOs / Chase Kloetzke – MUFON Exposed

Lorin Cutts talks with stalwart UFO researcher, Los Angeles based Ann Druffel – author of ‘The Tujunga Canyon Contacts’ and ‘How To Defend Yourself Against Alien Abductions’. Ann was one of the first UFO researchers to link the alien abduction phenomenon with similar folkloric tales of other cultures and believes that so called ‘alien’ abductions are perhaps not what they appear to be… and can also be averted. Lorin discusses her work, her beliefs and how perhaps the phenomenon fits in with a Christian/religious worldview (Ann is an Irish/American Catholic). They also discuss the historic case of Reverend Bailey who not only managed to end decades long ‘alien’ Read More

HS 1.8 – The Very Essence Of High Strangeness

Lorin Cutts talks with Margie Kay. Margie has done psychic work for the Kansas City PD, solved missing persons cases, done many years of front line paranormal research and had some highly unusual experiences along the way. Jari Mikkola is the brains behind the International Spirits, Shadows and Secrets Symposium in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2013 - and explains his background in paranormal research. He also explains how the conference appears to be being helped from forces from elsewhere resulting in some rather interesting EVPs (electronic voice phenomena).   Music: Intro - Lorin Cutts - Topanga (demo)   Read More

HS 1.7 – Yvonne Smith & CERO – Alien Abduction

Lorin Cutts talks with renowned hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith about her 20 plus years of work and her forthcoming book. ‘The Coronado Incident’ (working title)  is a very interesting multiple abduction event that took place at Coronado Island, San Diego during a UFO conference that happened to be as President Bill Clinton and his security team happened to be there! He also talks with CERO members (Close Encounters Resource Organization – founded by Yvonne), Jesse H Long and Kim Trotman. Jesse is one of two brothers with many abduction events between them and featured heavily in the media in the 90’s. Jesse was one of the first people to talk publicly about his Read More

HS 1.6 – James Gilliland and ECETI – UFOs On Demand

Lorin Cutts talks to James Gilliland of ECETI Ranch, Washington about UFOs, continuing contact in Washington near Mount Adams and perhaps what the future might hold. Music: Intro - Lorin Cutts - Topanga (demo)   Read More

HS 1.5 – The Reed Family UFO / Alien Abduction Case In Detail

Includes over two hours of interviews. The holy grail of UFO abduction cases in detail. The Reed family case involves at least three generations of upstanding members of the community, spans 58 years, led to the case being discussed at the United Nations, was described by MUFON as one of the most detailed they’d ever seen… and includes multiple witnesses, physical evidence and over 115 supporting documents. This is the case that won’t be wished away. Join Lorin Cutts as he talks with Tom Reed, Nancy Reed (first time interview), Chance Reed, Paul Eno and polygrapher Jim Morrisson. Music: Intro - Lorin Cutts - Topanga (demo) THOMAS REED / THE REED FAMILY Read More

HS 1.4 – Donald Schmitt – UFOs, Roswell and The Continual Cover Up

Lorin Cutts talks with the speakers of UFO Fest 2012 and a detailed interview with Donald Schmitt about Roswell, Allen Hynek and more. Music: Intro - Lorin Cutts - Topanga (demo)   Read More

HS 1.3 – Stan Gordon – Bigfoot and the UFO Connection

Lorin Cutts talks with Bigfoot expert, Stan Gordon and witnesses Andrew Robson, Kyle Osborn and Tony Hull. Music: Intro - Lorin Cutts - Topanga (demo)   Read More

HS 1.1 – A Question Of Time – Suzanne Chancellor, Jenna – 11.11, UFO Contact

Lorin Cutts talks with lifetime alien experiencer, Suzanne Chancellor, and Lorin's close friend and ex-partner, Jenna about 11.11 and other time synchronicities that appear to cluster around the UFO subject and elsewhere. More details here: http://highstrangenessshow.com/high-strangeness-episode-1-a-question-of-time-jan-26th-2012/ Music: Intro - Lorin Cutts - Topanga (demo)   Read More