Season 2

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HS 2.2 – Strange Is The New Normal – 20 Years Of Shared Experiences With UFOs And The Paranormal

Lorin and his longtime friend, Jenna, discuss their shared experiences of high strangeness that have occurred over their twenty years of knowing each other. The conversation is a sometimes hilarious, often touching and always compelling account of friendship, love, and experiences that can't be easily explained. When two decades of experiences are condensed into just over an hour, it provides a somewhat different perspective on what might be occurring with these incursions into some people's everyday lives. LK     Read More

HS 2.1 – Ufology Must Die – The UFO Circus And Other Stories

Lorin Cutts and Lauren Kott discuss the death of Ufology, The Mandela Effect (mass group false memory or group reality overlay?), Controlled Remote Viewing 101, to disclose or not to disclose, the new age quagmire and Jacques Vallee's new UFO database.   Please note that Lorin Cutts disbanded KGRA Media in October 2014 and has in no way been affiliated with KGRA Radio since that time.   More details can be found here:   Read More

HS 2.0 – Lyn Buchanan – CIA Project Stargate, Psychic Spying, UFOs

Join Lorin Cutts and Lauren Kott as they travel to New Mexico to get a detailed interview with Lyn Buchanan, former lead trainer of the CIA's Project Stargate psychic spying program. Lyn talks about his own alien abduction, his views on what is really happening based on decades of work for the US Military with a top security clearance - including several subjects previously not covered in interviews with Lyn:  the true nature of reality and consciousness, the shocking events of 9/11, chemtrails, working on the inside - including as a Man In Black - and much more. It's a wild ride and we are convinced that this will go down as the definitive Lyn Buchanan Read More