Robbie Graham – UFOs and Disclosure: A Fresh Perspective


It’s rare that I come across much that I think is worth posting on the UFO subject that is either new or noteworthy.

Robbie Graham’s video below is proving a welcome exception.

“And so what can Daddy (the government) possibly tell the kids (the public) without appearing ignorant or confused? Without losing a huge weight of his authority as a parent, as a leader? It’s better to stay silent and let people believe he has all the answers, that he’s all knowing. It’s for this reason that should officialdom ever come clean on the UFO issue, we should all be immediately and extremely suspicious, because UFO truth by way of official power structures will not be truth at all.” – Robbie Graham

We would all do well to remember Robbie’s words as we call for #disclosure whilst dribbling with naive, infantile excitement and hanging on every word of:

  •  Hillary Clinton  – in my opinion this is an attempted vote grab for UFO believers – now a majority demographic*.
  •  Tom DeLonge – the new poster boy for the military-industrial complex and promoting subliminal justification for the missing trillions in black budget/defense spending – and it was all for OUR benefit after all!
  •  John Podesta – or indeed anyone from an official source that hints at disclosure.

Far from UFO disclosure being drip fed, the UFO meme is now almost openly being used to justify massive black budget spending, whilst further hinting at a dystopian future that necessitates expanding military spending and transferring yet more billions – if not trillions – from public to private bank accounts in the name of further protecting us. All this, whilst at the same time attempting to pick up election votes from UFO believers – a sizeable portion of the US population. Expect further references to aliens, UFOs and little green men from the corridors of power.

Especially ones that don’t really lead anywhere.




Full article on this here.



Hillary’s last brush with aliens in Arkansas.

* – poll numbers vary but most surveys come in at over 50%. Here’s one example:

Robbie Graham – UFOs and Disclosure: A Fresh Perspective:


Robbie’s Website:

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And here’s the movie Mirage Men – possibly the blueprint for what may be rolled out and sold as real UFO “Disclosure”.