Real #sekretmachine – More Faith Based Ufology For The Masses

Having been more than a little outspoken over the past couple of years on the current state of what passes for UFO research, this will be my final say on the UFO community, UFO Disclosure or the pantomime that is Tom De Longe’s Sekret Machines franchise.

See Robbie Graham’s articles on the DeLonge Delusion (part 1 here), (part 2 here), with part 3 to come. I really don’t need to add too much other than to say, here is the first evidence (a word seemingly alien to DeLonge, Levenda and much of the UFO subculture), that all is perhaps not what it seems.

Some weeks ago DeLonge posted the following picture on his Instagram account with the words ‘A real #SekretMachine’.

The only problem is that this a scene from Steven Spielberg’s 2002 TV drama Taken.

(Gif courtesy of

In the absence of hard evidence (given DeLonge’s alleged insider connections, something that shouldn’t be that outrageous to ask for?) DeLonge and Levenda are merely contributing to UFO mythology. Their military-industrial and intelligence community sources are attempting to sell the national security state to a new generation and control the UFO narrative to the masses. Thus far, Sekret Machines is just a longer and more elaborate version of the bogus file shown to UFO researcher, Linda Moulten Howe, by Air Force Office Of Special Investigations officer, Richard Doty, back in 1983. And now the inevitable holes begin to appear with the DeLonge project, yet again discrediting UFOs and any further serious research into the subject.

It’s all so predictable.

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Lorin Cutts

(Image courtesy of Jeff Ritzmann)