PUNK’D! UFOs And Disclosure – Ever Get The Feeling You’ve Been Cheated?

Given the recent furore over comments about UFOs by Hillary Clinton, campaign manager, John Podesta, and punk rocker, Tom DeLonge – it’s time for a reality check.

From the subculture that is ufology – the study of UFOs and their alleged occupants – to the mainstream media, punk musicians, The Pentagon and now even presidential candidates, everyone… yes, everyone, is using UFOs and the idea of alien visitation to sell something.

So where’s the truth and what’s the reality?

Lorin Cutts comes up from the bunker to discuss his latest thoughts and opinions.

Full article: http://highstrangenessshow.com/ufos-and-disclosure/


Music: Cutts/Bradbury – OK! (English Electric Music)


A huge thanks to Lauren Kott for much help with the discourse and inspiration for this podcast and article.