HS 1.9 – Ann Druffel Interview – Parapsychology and UFOs / Chase Kloetzke – MUFON Exposed

Lorin Cutts talks with stalwart UFO researcher, Los Angeles based Ann Druffel – author of ‘The Tujunga Canyon Contacts’ and ‘How To Defend Yourself Against Alien Abductions’. Ann was one of the first UFO researchers to link the alien abduction phenomenon with similar folkloric tales of other cultures and believes that so called ‘alien’ abductions are perhaps not what they appear to be… and can also be averted. Lorin discusses her work, her beliefs and how perhaps the phenomenon fits in with a Christian/religious worldview (Ann is an Irish/American Catholic). They also discuss the historic case of Reverend Bailey who not only managed to end decades long ‘alien’ intrusions into his life, but also managed to capture several photographs of the visitors with a Polaroid camera given to him by Ann.

Lorin also talks with fellow Global Radio Alliance co-host and ufology cheerleader, Chase Kloetzke. Chase has some of the best credentials in the business, having spent 20 years at the Department of Defense designing specialist training programs for the US Military… and then becoming Star Team Manager at MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network) where she had first hand experience investigating some of the best cases reported to MUFON. This lead to Chase and her team even having a Close Encounter of the Third Kind themselves – something she talks candidly about  on the show. They also discuss the controversial Bigelow Aerospace deal with MUFON and the potential cover-up of important data regarding the UFO subject.


Intro – Lorin Cutts – Topanga (demo)
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