HS 1.7 – Yvonne Smith & CERO – Alien Abduction

Lorin Cutts talks with renowned hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith about her 20 plus years of work and her forthcoming book. ‘The Coronado Incident’ (working title)  is a very interesting multiple abduction event that took place at Coronado Island, San Diego during a UFO conference that happened to be as President Bill Clinton and his security team happened to be there!

He also talks with CERO members (Close Encounters Resource Organization – founded by Yvonne), Jesse H Long and Kim Trotman. Jesse is one of two brothers with many abduction events between them and featured heavily in the media in the 90’s. Jesse was one of the first people to talk publicly about his possible involvement in an apparent bioengineering program. Kim Trotman is a fellow certified hypnotherapist but specializes in past life regression. They talk about how this potentially interfaces with the abduction phenomenon.


Intro – Lorin Cutts – Topanga (demo)