MUFON – Historic Gross Incompetence Or Hidden Agenda?

Ten months ago I sat down and began to write an essay for Robbie Graham’s anthology UFO’s: Reframing The Debate. In that essay I was highly critical of MUFON, the largest civilian UFO research group in the world. I’ve had grave doubts about MUFON for years and no matter which way I chose to look at the activity that has often surrounded this highly questionable organization, I found myself pondering some rather uncomfortable thoughts. I know from many conversations with people who I have the utmost of respect for that I’m far from alone.

“One has only to look at their official mission statement—The scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of mankind— and then look at some of the research they actively promote (e.g. data gleaned from hypnosis, psychic channeling dressed as “remote viewing,” etc.) and some of the highly dubious people they invite to speak at their conferences to know that, at the very least, they appear to be deeply confused about what the word “scientific” actually means.”

– Lorin Cutts (UFOs: Reframing The Debate)

So here we are almost a year later and a quick glance at this year’s MUFON Symposium speakers will confirm beyond any reasonable doubt that not only is the above statement on point, but also that nothing has changed. Supposed time traveling US Presidential candidate, Andrew Basiago, will share the stage with Richard “I find these slides compelling” Dolan and “secret space program” whistleblower, Corey Goode. It’s enough to make any serious scientist or academic want to stay a million light years away from civilian UFO research. And perhaps that’s just the point.

We can look at MUFON’s abject failure to follow its own public mission statement in one of two ways:

  1. It is the result of gross incompetence over many years and under the leadership of many different directors.
  2. There is something else going on and the mission statement is bogus – there is a hidden agenda.

One of the few things one can meaningfully study with regards to UFOs are their cultural, sociological and mythological effects. This includes the many ways in which the military-industrial and intelligence community has interfaced with the UFO subject and those that have chosen to make UFOs their focus over the past seventy years. Can anybody seriously deny MUFON’s history of military-industrial or intelligence community links? Can that many directors over that many years really be so incompetent as to have not even come close to realizing MUFON’s pretty basic mission statement? I propose, therefore, that there could be a hidden agenda and I’ll hypothesize that it might be something along some or all of these lines:

  1. Gather and funnel UFO and paranormal experiencer data and leads for other hidden agencies/organizations/individuals. (After all – where is the decades of data and actual case files or final reports? What have MUFON contributed to UFO research? Very little – it’s been largely a one way street over the decades.)
  2. Steer narrative about the UFO subject and the way it is studied. This could include the dissemination or promotion of false information – disinformation.
  3. Help make the UFO field appear ridiculous to scientists, academics or other talented individuals who otherwise might be tempted to get involved.This might involve filling leadership positions with ridiculous characters, keeping drama and chaos levels high, choosing absurd speakers for events, and pitching factions against one another.
  4. Monitoring civilian UFO research.
  5. Generate revenue from those who genuinely want to contribute to the field. (Just where is all that money going?)

Note: A huge percentage of bonafide MUFON members would not be aware of this agenda. Indeed, it might only take a couple of key people to deliver such objectives. And to those that are scoffing at these ideas, I urge you to look closely at MUFON’s long, shady history and some of the characters involved. Hint: some of them are still around.

On another note, recently MUFON multi state director, John Ventre, posted a racist, hate filled (and – surprise, surprise – totally un-scientific) rant on Facebook.


This was followed by an official MUFON statement by Director, Jan Harzen, which not only failed to acknowledge the racist nature of the Facebook post but suggested equal blame be apportioned to those “haters hating” that were at all critical of the posting! Given this latest PR disaster for MUFON and all of the above, at what point do we call MUFON what it really is?

Grossly incompetent to the point of being unable to deliver on their mission statement in years (and a welcome home for white supremacists) OR a front for something else.

Either way, it’s time for MUFON – an organization whose standards, ethics and motives should once again be seriously called into question – to be completely boycotted by anybody that cares about UFOs or the paranormal.

Lorin Cutts

For more information about MUFON go here:

UFOs : Reframing The Debate is out on White Crow Books on May 29th.


Update : Wednesday May 24th.

Nick Redfern announces his withdrawal from all things to do with MUFON. 

“Some of you may have seen all the controversy surrounding MUFON this past week or thereabouts. As a result of all this outrageous crap, I have told MUFON that I will no longer be writing my monthly column for their magazine, and I have severed ties with them. Period.” – Nick Redfern

Mike Clelland chimes in:

Robbie Graham: Jan Harzan’s official statement here is an absolute disgrace. “Who is worse,” he asks, “the posters posting or the haters hating?” In the context of this issue, he’s actually implying that those who stand up to racism are as bad as (or worse than) the racists themselves, with the racist being merely a “poster” and the anti-racists being “haters.” He should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. Utter disgrace. If Harzan represents MUFON, then MUFON is a joke, and a sick one at that. (Robbie Graham, deleted comments section,

See also Reagan Lee’s post here:

On Tuesday 23rd May MUFON closed their comments section and eventually deleted all 31 comments (all of them highly critical) after MUFON Director Of Communications, Roger Marsh, left this rather bizarre, rambling, early morning statement about Ventre some hours earlier. You couldn’t make it up:


And it seems Ventre isn’t the only angry, old, white dude with such tendencies to hold a top position within the organization. Here’s MUFON Director Of Investigations, Steve Hudgeons in 2016:


Note: that’s the KKK logo.