Mike Clelland – Stories From The Messengers

I’ve known Mike Clelland since 2012 and he’s someone I have a lot of time for. We seem to have followed similar paths and experiences with UFOs, the paranormal, synchronicity and – to a lesser extent – owls.

Here’s my take on Mike’s debut book The Messengers.

There are few books that seem to offer much in the way of new content or research in the UFO field. The Messengers is a welcome exception. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect in all of this is not simply the glimpse into other realities or the abundance of similar tales by different witnesses. It is the fact that something as seemingly organic and natural as the owl, is somehow linked – at the very least psychologically and culturally – to the UFO experience. What can this mean or say about the long held belief that UFOs might equate to ET visitation? What are the historical and cultural links to groups like The Shaman or Native Americans? Whereas Mike so bravely states that he doesn’t yet have the answers, I’m excited about where his work and this train of thought might eventually lead.

Leave any preconceptions about UFOs at the door.

Lorin Cutts

Hear myself and Mike chatting here.


The Messengers – Owls, Synchronicity And The UFO Abductee.

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Expect Mike’s new book, Stories From The Messengers, soon. 

Also check out Mike’s interesting blog Hidden Experience here.