Lauren Kott

150786_355603361206209_490177974_nThanks to an unslakable curiosity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Lauren Kott has been fortunate to enjoy several careers in one lifetime.  Writing has been the common thread of a working life that has encompassed an eclectic range of experiences.

After obtaining a BA in Political Science, Lauren’s involvement with journalism was launched.  Since then her work has been featured in newspapers and magazines across North America.  Her Honours Diploma in Culinary Arts opened the door to food writing. She also has training in broadcast journalism.

Lauren’s love for subjects like ufology, spirituality, consciousness, literature, history, anthropology, and art have promoted her travels around the globe.

Her interest in remote viewing led her to study with Lyn Buchanan, who was a remote viewer and trainer in the US Army’s Remote Viewing Unit from 1984 to 1992.

After a decade of study and work as a remote viewer, Lauren has been certified by Lyn Buchanan’s Problems>Solutions>Innovations as a Controlled Remote Viewing Analyst, Project Manager, and as Controlled Remote Viewing Instructor. 

Lyn had this to say about Lauren:

I’ve known Lauren Kott as both a student and a friend for many years now.  She has been one of the most dedicated and innovative workers in the CRV field to date.  She has come up with some of the most innovative and progressive methods and applications I have seen in this field, and has worked far harder than I would ever expect of anyone to see that the progress comes to fruition.

Her knowledge and understanding of CRV far surpasses the amount that I have taught her.  It is as if she were meant for this and it was meant for her. I like to think of myself as pretty well versed in this field, but when Lauren speaks, I listen, and I am always glad that I did.

On a personal basis, I am so impressed by her, simply as a person.  There are few people in my life whom I have admired and respected as much.

It’s very rare in life to have the privilege to have as a friend that one person that Readers’ Digest used to call “The Most Unforgettable Person I Know.”