High Strangeness 1.8 – The Very Essence Of High Strangeness 9/16/12

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Lorin Cutts talks Margie Kay. Margie has done psychic work for the Kansas City PD, solved missing persons cases, done many years of front line paranormal research and had some highly unusual experiences along the way.


Margie Kay


Jari Mikkola is the brains behind the International Spirits, Shadows and Secrets Symposium in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2013 – and explains his background in paranormal research. He also explains how the conference appears to be being helped from forces from elsewhere resulting in some rather interesting EVPs (electronic voice phenomena).


Jari Mikolla

Both perhaps represent a different way in trying to view and correlate UFO and alien experiences alongside other paranormal subjects – and perhaps see it as part of a bigger whole. An approach that can possibly ask broader questions of these subjects, our universe and the world we live in.








Intro – Lorin Cutts – Topanga (demo)