High Strangeness 1.1 – A Question Of Time 1/26/12

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By Lorin Cutts


It is my opinion that the UFO subject cannot be solved or explained without looking at all of the experiences of UFO witnesses and contactees, no matter how seemingly unexplainable or bizarre. This will inevitably lead us into high strangeness territory.


It would certainly appear that the UFO subject directly relates to other phenomena: synchronicities, dreams, symbology, psychic and other paranormal and spiritual phenomena. For those looking exclusively for a “nuts and bolts” answer to the UFO subject… I ask that you now open your minds.


No matter how hard civilian researchers have tried, we are hardly any further down the road than we were in 1947 in terms of trying to find detailed answers to the UFO subject. Sure, we know with certainty that there is a legitimate phenomenon present, but beyond that, what else do we really know for sure? Only, perhaps, that nothing is as it seems. Towards the end of his life the godfather of modern ufology himself, Dr J. Allen Hynek, talked of the need to put on one’s “spiritual glasses” in order to solve the UFO problem.


One thing we do have is a large number of eyewitnesses working to interpret and make sense of highly unusual encounters and experiences, and sometimes these experiences are so far from the Hollywood standard as to seem ridiculous. Are we to simply discount those witnesses whose experiences do not fit neatly into our pigeon-holed, preconceived ideas about what this subject should be about? Do you think that if I were going to make up a tale of alien* contact, I would choose to tell you about a small grey dog turning into a grey being? No! I am highly aware of just how crazy that makes me sound. I would have done anything to have a pretty spaceship with multi-colored lights descend and take me aboard, something comparatively easy for people to wrap their heads around. After all, that is how “alien” contact is SUPPOSED to be, right? Well, in my experience and from my research of others, it rarely is.


Talk to many lifetime UFO experiencers and they may have had a few of those stereotypical scenarios – bright lights through the window, then surrounded by beings before finally being whisked aboard a craft etc. – but often these account for only a small percentage of the paranormal experiences they have throughout their lives. So are we to simply discount and ignore the more nonsensical and way-out accounts? Definitely not, because within these accounts may well lie the information and clues to bring this subject – and all of us – into the 21st century.


Lorin Cutts



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* Please note that whenever I refer to “alien” – I do not automatically assume that these beings or representations of beings necessarily come from other planets or outer-space.



A Question of Time


I thought I’d start out with a subject that is a little light-hearted. Of course anything to do with high strangeness – or indeed UFOs in general – is rarely easygoing and inevitably leads to further questions, not just about the UFO subject but often fundamental questions about the nature of the universe and our place within it.


A few months after I began to work with lifetime UFO/alien experiencers and attempted to make sense of their stories and experiences, something strange started happening to me.


This started creeping into my conscious awareness during the summer of 2011 when I realized that I was waking up at the same time every few nights. I’d stir, look at my phone, and notice it was 3:33. As the days went on, I became aware that I was also looking at the clock during the day to see it was 3:33 in the afternoon. Over several weeks, I made mental notes as to how often – and when – I was looking at clocks wherever I went. I worked out that roughly 80% of the time I was checking a clock or my phone to see that the time was made up of the same numbers – 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, etc. About 10% of the time I checked the time when the clocks showed 12:34, 3:45. 4:56; the remaining 10% of the time, the numbers were different and non-sequential.


As I began to research this phenomenon, I was intrigued to find that it had happened to other UFO researchers and experiencers. Greg Bishop of the UFO Mystic blog experienced a similar experience the night before interviewing the late Karla Turner, PhD, back in 1994. Karla was a tireless researcher of the abduction phenomena in the 1990’s, and her untimely death was a great loss to our subject.


Greg wrote: “One experience made me wonder about not just Turner herself, but the whole subject of abductions in general. On the night before our interview, I woke up four or five times: at 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc. This is the only time this has happened in my life. Turner and others later told me that this was a little-known experience of many who had claimed anomalous interludes with the UFO phenomenon”.



The late Karla Turner PhD


Slightly concerned by this, I actually took a few days off from my UFO work to process this information.


My next port of call was our best friend/enemy – Google. Well lo and behold, many other people appeared to be having this experience – and not just us crazy UFO people. In true internet fashion, it was being attributed to everything from demonic possession to guardian angels wanting to speak with us, and all points in between.


My own experiences with this ebbed and flowed. I’d have a week without it, then a week where it was beyond ridiculous. It was also happening to my housemate, in fact it started happening to her before it had started with me. She’d wake up in the middle of the night and see the digital clock was at 3:33. This happened over and over and even affected one of my dogs, Lucy. Normally Lucy was calm throughout the night, but on one particular night she whined to go out. This was highly unusual. My housemate got up to open the door to the backyard thinking duty needed to be done, but Lucy just looked up at the night sky for several minutes and then came back in. As my housemate climbed into bed she noticed that time again.




Both my housemate and I would also wake up needing the bathroom at the same time, only to find it was again that time. Just as my sanity was beginning to crack, something else happened.




At the time I was working on-call for the railroad. The phone rang in the middle of the night and I took my call, only to be told by the dispatcher that my on duty time was 03:33. I arrived at work to find that my paperwork had been issued by the dispatcher at 03:33 (this is the only time that my paperwork has ever been issued at the same time as my call time – one of our duties is to check the time stamp on the paperwork). Fast forward to the end of my trip. I walked into my hotel room to see the bedside clock proudly displaying – yes, you guessed it – 3:33 pm. What the hell was happening to me? It was like I was trapped in an episode of the Twilight Zone. Was Rod Serling about to appear out of the closet and say something smoothly cool and mysterious? I needed something – anything – to break the tension.



Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone


I went to bed, but I was restless and eventually just got up to think, trying to make sense of it all. I decided that if it happened again that night when I was called for my train home, then I would probably need institutionalizing. I went to sleep, shutting my eyes almost in fear. I eventually got to sleep, but not without a lot of brain traffic as I processed my new found reality. A few hours later I gained consciousness but dared not open my eyes right away. I turned to face the place where the digital clock sat on the cabinet and slowly began to squint my eyes open. There in front of me were the large red numbers.




I laid back on the bed and nervously contemplated the situation. It was like I was being played with like a lab rat in a cage. But by whom? What? How did this come to be? And why me? But I still had to get past 3:33 yet. I waited nervously for the call. Eventually the phone rang and I knew that if I was told to go to work at that time, I was pretty much done for… at least as far as my sanity was concerned. After staring at the phone as it rang a few times, I bit the bullet and picked up. The robotic voice of the auto-caller began its monotone, inhuman message. “You are called to work the IG4SE (miscellaneous train symbol) at 03:32 hours… have a safe day”.


I had to laugh. Hysterically. I had felt so close to breaking point. I didn’t want to be the victim of this cosmic joke any longer, so “they” had spared me… at least for now. Is this how the edge of sanity felt?


I returned home and began to think about it less and less. It kept appearing and disappearing, ebbing and flowing. During this time of relative calm I discovered that one of the very experiencers I’d been working with had something highly relevant to add to all this.

Suzanne Chancellor is a Los Angeles based lifetime UFO abductee/experiencer/contactee and former manager of rock bands. In fact, in a double synchronicity, Suzanne actually used to manage one of my favorite bands of all time, The Alarm (see how this all works?). Suzanne told me that her last experience with “alien” beings had occurred in July 2011 and started with her eyes opening to see her digital clock displaying 3:33! She then turned towards the doorway of her bedroom and there in the doorway stood three typical, small, grey beings. The experience was the most recent of many she has had with various entities and her story is fascinating and varied. What is particularly interesting to me about Suzanne’s case is that she has never undergone hypnotic regression, therefore all of Suzanne’s accounts are from conscious memory – and free of any possible contamination by this highly controversial practice. This particular experience wasn’t stressful or lengthy and the intruders soon vanished into thin air.


I thought about the time synchronicity over and over. I began asking questions about how this could possibly happen. Was this something interacting with our reality, our consciousness, the very fabric of our time? Was it the universe telling me something meaningful? Communicating with me? Or was this just life, the way the universe operates and – in the grand scheme of things – ultimately meaningless? A simple coincidence? After all, are we not programmed to look for patterns in things as part of some innate survival instinct? Wasn’t part of the human condition to search for meaning in things, no matter how small or trivial?


I thought about the widespread phenomenon I’m sure a lot of us are aware of: waking a few seconds before ones alarm goes off. Is part of our subconscious mind aware of time and clocks and our need to wake at certain times, even when we are asleep? Was it possible that I was subconsciously training myself to look at the clock at these times? Perhaps there was a relatively rational explanation to all of this somewhere in the mystery of our minds.


But I couldn’t completely let go of the idea there was some significance here.


For the past two years I have been working on “The Lockheed Conundrum” – a UFO related article regarding the Lockheed Martin organization. For various reasons, it is now highly unlikely that this will ever see the light of day, but I’d like to take a look at a few things regarding former employees of Lockheed that makes for interesting reading and may be relevant here.


The late Ben Rich was the former director of Lockheed’s infamous and highly secretive Skunk Works. In a supposed death bed revelation reported in the MUFON Journal by NASA systems analyst, Tom Keller, Rich supposedly blew the whistle on quite a few top secret subjects during his eleventh hour. When asked how UFO propulsion worked, Rich said “let me ask you this, how does ESP work?”. The questioner then answered “all points in time and space are connected?” to which Rich added “that’s how it works”. Rich is also quoted as saying “Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.”


In isolation this second, third, fourth or more hand account doesn’t seem so significant, but it becomes more interesting when we take into consideration the remarks of a couple of other ex-Lockheed employees.



Boyd Bushman


Boyd Bushman is another Lockheed old timer who now talks more like a new age hippy with a PhD than someone who worked on top secret black projects for the military-industrial establishment. To quote Bushman: “What we always have to do.. is walk.. kind of a lonely walk… but a very, very rewarding walk, to listen where languages are not talked and verbalization is not used”.



John D. Riley


John D. Riley runs Zero Point Research in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. I first came across John’s name while talking with James Gilliland at ECETI. John recently confirmed to me that he had indeed been with Lockheed, where he had worked with “special technology”. Curiously, John now posts a love heart to all of his Facebook friends daily, at 11:11 each morning and most evenings. In fact the love heart is positioned just so: 11♥11.




When I asked John about my experiences and why he posts his love heart and numbers at that time, his reply was as ambiguous as Bushman’s quote before him.
“I post for the same reason as to why you see those numbers. The first step the guardian numbers are here for us is to look deeper and to become aware of what is. Shifting consciousness and realization allows life to be amazing and yes… true Love reveals.”


So let’s join the dots. Taken at face value, it doesn’t take a rocket-scientist (no pun intended) to work out that something potentially amazing may be happening at Lockheed, and most likely within quantum physics. Will we all have the last laugh and find the mighty men of the military-industrial complex war machine figuratively putting flowers in their own guns?


Is it possible that the universe – far from being the complex and confusing place that we assume it to be – is really quite simple? Is everything simply energy vibrating at varying frequencies? Is it possible that our consciousness interacts with the universe in ways we have yet to understand? Is the universe actually made up of consciousness that we interact with? Or is this some external influence on our consciousness and reality? Considering how little we really know about our universe and how our brains work, I think it would be sensible to keep an open mind.


My time synchronicities continue to ebb and flow. As I wrote this article my housemate came into my studio to tell me that she looked at the clock for the first time since getting home from work at 4:44. Yesterday I can claim to have looked at the clock at 11:10, only to see it instantly change to 11:11; then at 2:21, only to see it change that next second to 2:22; then at 2:34 and finally – of course! – at 3:33.


But now, far from seeing this as something sinister, I choose to see this as life affirming, proof positive that I am awake and alive and experiencing the wonders of the here and now, quite literally. Am I being allowed to glimpse a hint that there is more to life than what we see in front of us? And isn’t this exactly how the UFO subject operates? Staying on the periphery of our vision and displaying a calm subtlety, yet giving us enough to question and wonder about our world, our universe, and what exactly is behind the thin veil of our reality?


In one final act of cosmic comedy seemingly tailor made for this article, my housemate poked her head into my studio during the final hour of completing this article to tell me something. Last night she had a dream that there was something wrong with her bedside clock – the clock that has formed the centerpiece for much of this article. She awoke in the night with a start, only to see her digital clock displaying, for the first time ever, a non-existent time:




The clock no longer keeps time.




Lorin Cutts


First Aired: 7pm Thursday 26th January 2012