Deception.. Delusion.. #Disclosure

art of deception

The CIA disclose information about UFOs… but it’s a load of old cobblers and the UFO disclosure movement is far from satisfied. But what can we we realistically expect given the current imbalance of power between the intelligence agencies and Washington? Time for a new hashtag at the very least.

Deception, Delusion, #Disclosure

by Lorin Cutts,  4 January, 2015

“People make decisions as part of groups”.

“People make decisions for emotional reasons not rational ones”.

– The Art Of Deception: Training For A New Generation Of Online Covert Operations, GCHQ Secret Training Manual.

In a brilliant piece of “1984” style propaganda, the CIA has recently claimed responsibility for at least half of UFOs during the Cold War. Assuming it’s true, it begs the question: what exactly were the other 50% of UFO sightings during that time? This move is sure to mess with the heads of UFO enthusiasts and disclosure aficionados everywhere.

Perhaps it can be seen as a snide and somewhat clever response to the recent UFO disclosure movement’s latest poke at Washington.  E.T. lobbyist Stephen Bassett and campaign manager Elizabeth Trutwin have recently been campaigning for the US government to come clean on extraterrestrials by way of a Twitter and fax storm campaign. This has been followed by the latest in a long line of White House petitions.

Here are a few of the many problems I have with the UFO disclosure campaign:

1) It blindly assumes UFOs are, by definition, extraterrestrial craft.

2) Assuming that even some UFOs are extraterrestrial craft, why is the onus on the US government to disclose? Wouldn’t the ET’s have something to do with this? Perhaps campaigning the ETs might get a more favorable response – or any response at all.   *tongue firmly in cheek*

3) Imagine that the President or Congress wants to disclose.  To whom do they ask those awkward questions? The Intelligence community, the CIA, FBI, NSA, Military-Industrial Complex?

The CIA might respond in exactly the way they already have:  with a purposefully ambiguous statement claiming responsibility for “more than half” of UFO sightings in the middle of the last century.

Stephen Bassett had this to say about the CIA tweet:

“A CIA tweet is of no consequence, though amusing. In time the CIA will have to account for its historical actions supporting the truth embargo before congressional hearings. That will be less funny.”

Steve, you just got some of your disclosure! Or do you need the President to read the CIA tweet out for you?  Newsflash: The CIA doesn’t have any overlords on Capitol Hill. They are beyond the reaches of Washington. For example: in the past, some covert projects have changed name once Congress became aware of them. So first we would need to change the internal workings of the current system to get any hope of truth. To my mind, this either shows a fundamental misunderstanding about the way the UFO subject interfaces with the US intelligence and political system, a schism in lateral thinking, or both.

Why are we are asking the beast that’s lied to us for at least half a dozen decades to come clean? I admire the faith that disclosure fans have in the current political structure for fairness and honesty, but judging by decades of past performance, why would we believe anything they say?

It’s like asking a compulsive liar to tell the truth.  Why trust a compulsive liar at all?  Furthermore, why would they tell the truth now?  And how does the Disclosure Campaign answer that most basic question about human motivation:  what’s in it for them?  How does Disclosure benefit the very same groups that have kept it a secret all this time?   Is there something – anything – in it for them to disclose?  The answer is either yes or no.  If the answer is yes, they’ll do it anyway, without any pressuring.  If the answer is no, then no amount of twitter storming is going to make them change their minds and relent.  The same factors that kept it a secret all along haven’t changed.  If a person asks a liar for the truth and expects anything but a lie in return, perhaps the problem exists as much with those who would ask as with the liar.

Given the current system, the movie “Mirage Men” offers some insight into what disclosure might look like. In other words, there would be more lies, more disinformation, and more people going crazy from the endless deception. (A great article about Mirage Men can be found here – )

What is a tweet storm really going to achieve, especially when it is using a hashtag that was already in wide circulation for a popular musical band?   Yes, it turns out that Disclosure is currently one of the UK’s most successful bands, and the hashtag pre-dated that of the UFO disclosure campaign.  Seriously, a person doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

In fact here’s what Scott Stratten, one of the world’s leading experts in social media and viral marketing (and mentioned on as one of the top five social media influencers in the world today) had to say when I recently asked him about the hashtag campaigns as used by the UFO disclosure movement: “Any stats that say a specific campaign can take credit for a commonly tweeted word, especially like #disclosure is a joke and a farce”.

The UFO disclosure movement, as it currently stands, is something akin to a boys’ adventure tale fantasy. The channelled messages of Elizabeth Trutwin, the campaign manager of the current campaign, are a testament to how far the fantasy reaches:

Whereas Mr. Bassett’s Citizen’s Hearings held validity in getting some UFO witness testimonies on the record, the current campaign holds little value as it now stands.  If any meaningful information about UFOs can be prized out of the corridors of power, it’s going to take way more than channelled messages from Sananda and misdirected hashtags to achieve it.

Lorin Cutts writes and researches about UFOs and related subjects and is the co-host of the High Strangeness Show podcast on iTunes.

Image: From Snowden leaked GCHQ documents ‘The Art Of Deception”