To The Stars Academy Launch

  Re: To The Stars / Tom DeLonge press conference / UFO Disclosure. In “UFOs: Reframing The Debate” I wrote, “UFO Disclosure is a bit like attempting a prison break by asking the prison guards for the keys." And so to today. To The Stars Academy of “Storytelling” and “Entertainment” (their words, not mine) is a bit like the prison guards turning around and saying “OK, let’s see if you can find the keys?" Amongst the predictable national security chest-beating and military-industrial PR there were some seemingly significant statements. Semi-official confirmation that the UFO issue is real in some way? The hint/mis-speak that operational remote Read More

UFOs: Reframing The Debate

UFOs: Reframing The Debate on White Crow Books is available now from Amazon and all good book stores. UFOs: Reframing The Debate IF YOU LIKE YOUR UFO LITERATURE TO CONFIRM WHAT YOU ALREADY ‘KNOW,’ THIS IS NOT THE BOOK FOR YOU! The UFO field has produced thousands of dedicated researchers over the years, and reams of literature; but to what end? What can we claim to know conclusively today about the underlying nature of UFO phenomena that we didn’t know in the late-1940s? UFO study has always suffered from major organizational and methodological problems. It has also become dangerously self-referential. If ever we are to further our understanding of the UFO Read More

High Strangeness 1.3 – Bigfoot & The UFO Connection with Stan Gordon 4/15/12

      Stan Gordon Born October 30, 1949 in Pittsburgh, Stan was trained as and electronics technician who has specialized in the area of radio communications. He has worked for over twenty five years in the advanced consumer electronics sales field. Stan's interest in UFO's and other unusual happenings began at age 10. Since 1965, Stan has been conducting on scene investigations of mysterious encounters in Pennsylvania. He has been involved with the examination of thousands of UFO and other strange reports from across the Keystone State. During the late 1960's, Stan acted as a telephone report sighting coordinator for the UFO Read More